Why is singing class important for every Singer ?

Why is singing important

Being a good singer does not only depend on talent or gift. Djavan, a well-known Brazilian artist, said that in music there is more perspiration than inspiration. That means studying, preparing, and caring. The singing class is, therefore, fundamental for those who love to sing. See below its importance and the main points that are taught in it!

The importance of singing class

A beautiful voice is not always enough for those who want to sing. The vocal folds are muscles that, like any other, should be exercised to stay healthy. In general, a dedicated singer, whether lyrical or popular, has passed an parapsychologist and a speech therapist, professionals who will determine the state of vocal health, before beginning the singing class. And then started classes to prepare better.

The singing class is important precisely because of it: it is a physical and psychological preparation that improves the act of singing. We can highlight three benefits that it brings:

  • Keeps the muscles active through specific exercises for vocal folds and larynx, in addition to breathing exercises;
  • It helps the singer to have the discipline to dedicate himself to the study of the voice and to “compel” to relax;
  • It improves the vocal technique of those who already know how to sing.

In other words, singing class turns an amateur singer into a professional.

The learning of singing class

The song has evolved a lot in recent times. Today, we can appreciate successful artists who have reached a career stage with a lot of sweat. The learning of singing lessons was certainly key. They do not just serve to tune deaf people, but it goes far beyond.

One of the points that the singing class works on is body posture. The elegance of great singers, especially lyric singers, is not by chance. It is necessary to pay attention to the position of the head, to have relaxed shoulders, among other postural points, to sing well.

The singing class also teaches you to breathe. Have you noticed a sleeping baby? His breath manifests in the belly, not in the chest. We are born breathing properly, but we lose the way through growth. For this breath “in the belly” is the most used in the corner, because it is the base of the support for tuning and good execution. Resuming this body record is also one of the lessons learned in class.

In addition, very important points are addressed:    

  • Vocal extension: Each person has a vocal extension (scope of voice), which is why there is a more comfortable time to sing.
  • Heating and cooling: the singing class teaches the student to warm up and to slow down the voice when it comes to singing, which preserves vocal health.
  • Vocalizes: techniques of practice of tuning and vocal precision (emission and projection of voice, tuning, rhythm, timbre).
  • Speed, dynamics and pronunciation: the singing class works the agility of the singer when walking through the notes, the dynamics that gives life to the interpretations and the good diction and articulation.
  • Interpretation: works the repertoire of the artist, guiding him about interpretive resources and personal style.

Where to look for a good singing class

A good singing class depends mainly on a good teacher who will work on all the fundamental points of the act of singing. Internet classes can work better for those who are in the beginning of the study and do not know much, since the first contact is very informative and does not require so much personality.

However, this format does not work for everyone. There are those who do not have the discipline to follow an online course or who need a face-to-face monitoring for some vocal problem. In any case, there is a general preference for face-to-face classes, because they are not standardized like online classes, suiting each singer.

The easiest place to find singing class is in music schools. However, there are experiences for artists who already work with the voice, which are the programs of vocal improvement. In general, they include a musical, artistic and personal enhancement. An actor called for a musical will have a show program aimed at the show, for example.

The singing class is fundamental for those who wish to become professional in music. It is able to provide several benefits and features to enhance singing and maintain vocal health. Want to take the opportunity to be face to face with great artists? See how it will be the “4th Canto Academy in Trancoso”!

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