Vocal Warm up : how to warm up quickly and voice to record

vocal warm up

Before we start recording videos we need to learn about vocal Warm up. Never start recording without being prepared both vocally and physically.

This is important because when we shoot videos we use three crucial points as attractive: the image, the voice and the movement.

Therefore, keeping your voice aligned and well-crafted is essential to ensure the outcome you want with production. We’ve talked about what are the fundamental equipment for recording quality audio in the video, now we need to learn about vocal warm-up to live up to them.

It is worth remembering that this article was made and thought to be a simple and practical guide to help you record incredible videos. The improvement of your voice is accomplished with time and much training. Of course, the presence of a speech therapist is important during this process!

So in this article you will learn about vocal warm-up in a simple and full of tricks. But never stop training, after all, practice leads to perfection! Get started now!

The Best Vocal Warm up Tips

1. Get as relaxed as possible

Yes, let’s start our vocal warm-up, but in order for it to be in line with our gestures and facial expressions, we need to start with a general warm-up. So try to make your body as relaxed as possible.

It is worth to connect that song that you like more, to dance, to jump and to laugh. Really let go!

If you are going to lead a more timid person to record, you need to learn several techniques to get it released during the video.

And, of course, some things you can talk about throughout the recording may inhibit her development. So stay tuned for that.

2. Wake up the muscles of the face!

Now that he has moved his whole body I bet he forgot to give a highlight to the face. So it’s essential that you wake up those muscles!

It is worth using your hands to make circular movements all over your face. Meanwhile, make a mouthful of opening and closing the mouth in a very exaggerated way. This way, you will make all the muscles of your face more free to move and help you do all the movements with your mouth correctly.

Also, it’s worth yawning! No problem yawning before recording a video, this will only make you open your mouth even more. And, of course, releasing all that sleep dejection aside will make you even more motivated during the recording. In addition, it makes you move even more the muscles of the face. 

Another important point is to move the tongue from side to side of the mouth, in a circular way. Thus, your tongue is also warm. And with that, it helps you even more to speak each syllable correctly at the time of recording. After all, having a good diction is essential in the video.

3. Improve your breathing

Believe it or not most of us breathe wrong! Yes, just to test what I’m talking about, try to take a deep breath now. Notice if your shoulders went up while doing this. Were they up? Then you just find yourself breathing totally wrong.

It is only necessary to move the diaphragm, and with this, only our belly moves to breathe in and out the air. Train to make it more automatic in your day to day. Having a controlled breath helps you and a lot in the moment you can speak without quickly losing air. Learn how to better control your breathing and see how your day to day life will transform.

4. Do you sibilate?

Do you know what a sibilant person is? The act of hissing means whistling as you speak. I bet you’ve met someone who, speaking a word with the letter s, for example, spoke, literally, whistling. This can get in your way a lot during a recording.

Vocal Warm up with popular sayings

We have a solution if this is a problem for you. How about using a pencil horizontally in the mouth, where your tongue will stand on top of it?

So, train to speak a few sentences with many letters s so avoid talking whistling some phrase.Test with these popular proverbs:

“Life is a successive succession of successions that succeed each other without success.”
“Did you know that the wise woman’s mother did not know that he knew how to whistle?”

Go training and see how this habit can improve and much your diction. But of course, if you work with your voice, you need to do a training with a speech pathologist so you can have the best for your voice.

5. Repetitions for vocal warm up

Before you start recording, you need to move your mouth and repeat words in their entirety. As well?

On a daily basis, depending on where we live in the country, we tend to shorten words. Now is the time to speak each of their syllables correctly without leaving any behind. Here in Minas Gerais, for example, we have the craze to speak “cê” or “ocê” instead of “you”.

How about starting with the days of the week and the months of the year? Speak each one in a slow and exaggerated way, it’s a great way to warm up.

Now, remember that even power can save or knock your video down. So always opt for citrus juices or an apple before recording. Run of the milks and their derivatives because they can cause you hoarseness. And, you will lose your voice completely throughout the recording. Another tip, is to leave a glass of water always around to be able to moisturize and also clean your throat.

Do you like today’s tips on vocal warm-up? But besides a good voice, you need sympathy when recording!



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