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vocal technique

It seems that today we are witnessing the recovery of interest in the problems of voice and Vocal Technique education. One discovers, or rather, rediscovers, the importance of vocal function in the personality structure. Discovering one’s own voice is sometimes synonymous with finding one’s own psychological balance.

However, it is at the voice level that the evolution of ideas is more surprising. Singing is no longer an art reserved for some initiates in professional conservatories or singers, but it arouses a greater interest with numerous lovers of music and especially with thousands of listeners who in their daily lives discover in their own voice an instrument capable of evolve and improve. The art of singing has taken up a great deal of space in our media and media, distributing our interest in “vocal culture”, so present in every moment of our lives.

Singing is a difficult art and its teaching remains a delicate and complex work. Many singers and singing teachers have written about this, trying to share their own experiences. In our singing course we propose to occupy a place apart. Maestro Ernesto Leal, leader of our singing course, has the rare privilege of not only possessing a solid musical background, but above all of having mastered the knowledge of the art of singing and of the mechanisms of phonation biophysics and of having them put into service as a collaborative work with those who work the voice mechanism in Brazil. His experience as a singing teacher was thus enriched by a profound speech-language knowledge in all its forms.

Vocal Lesson

The polyvalent formation of Maestro Ernesto Leal, as well as his long pedagogical experience, allows him to approach singing in all its aspects, from basic physiological notions to practical work. His personal ideas about vocal education are presented in clear language and accessible to all.

You will find with pleasure the fundamental ideas of this pedagogue recognized for his competence, effectiveness, authority and good humor.
All those interested in the education of the singing voice can take great advantage in our course to learn and nurture their own reflections and enrich their daily practice.

The Singing Vocal technique, addressed in our course by maestro Ernesto Leal, conveys all the “secrets” of the subject in a simple language and very accessible to all interested in the art of singing. This art uses the most prefect musical instrument ever “invented”: the voice.

Maestro Ernesto approaches the vocal technique from the basic notions of anatomy-physiology to its application in singing practice, not forgetting the psychological and sensorial aspects of the vocal gesture. The essential aim is to develop the student’s natural voice, which can acquire style, declamation, intelligence of the text and interpretation, but nothing can give him what he must naturally have: a good vocal organ and “the instinct of the singing “a rare and irreplaceable gift.

The human voice is a unique instrument, as long as the singer knows how to make it agile, docile and expressive. And there is no doubt that the talent of the singer depends on his personality, style, power of expression, taste and rhythm. All these qualities are natural gifts that will only progress if practiced and trained to exhaustion.

Although our course is initially aimed at those who dedicate themselves to the art of singing and who dream of becoming professional, it is also directed to those who are still beginners and for those who want to sing only as a Therapy or Hobby.

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