Top 10 The World’s Richest Rapper in 2018

Top 10 hiphop best paid 2018

Find out who are the world’s richest rappers, issue 2018, according to Forbes magazine. The leadership, with plenty of time, is occupied by Jay Z.

The ranking methodology takes into account data from Pollstar (record industry data association) and Nielsen SoundScan (Database on Music and Film Information in the US and Canada); as well as interviews with career managers, lawyers, record executives and the appropriate artists; Video clips and DVDs, shows, internet music sales, participation in films, licensed products, books, etc.

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Higher paid raps of 2018:

Here’s a list in September 2018 of the best paid hip-hop artists of the year:

1. Jay-Z ($ 76.5 million)

Jay Z
2. Diddy ($ 64 million)

Puff Daddy
3. Kendrick Lamar ($ 58 million)

Kendrick Lamar
4. Drake ($ 47 million)

5. J. Cole ($ 35.5 million)

J. Cole
6. Dr. Dre (US $ 35 million)

 Dr. Dre
7. Pitbull ($ 32 million)

8. Future (US $ 30 million)

9. Kanye West ($ 27.5 million)

Kanye West
10. DJ Khaled ($ 27 million)

DJ Khaled
This list of rappers is mostly used by Forbes.

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