The best moments of Shakira’s concert in Bogotá


7 years ago the Barranquilla did not get on a platform in the capital. Although some attendees complained about the organization and the sound, Shakira gave a great show worth remembering.

The day that hundreds of Colombians were waiting finally arrived. After seven years of absence, the Colombian singer returned to a platform of the country’s capital with her tour ‘El Dorado World Tour‘. The presentation not only gathered some of his most recent and old successes, but it was a powerful show where the fireworks, dance choreography and the legendary voice of the Barranquilla, were protagonists.

Although the day was rainy in the hours leading up to the concert, the cold and the water were not an impediment for more than 20 thousand fans to start queuing up in the early morning hours. Even some more seasoned followers who came from different cities camped outside the Simón Bolívar Park during the week. With coats, blankets and tents, they fought low temperatures. His only goal was to anticipate the crowd of people who would arrive on Saturday to get to see the Latin pop queen in the front row.

And they were right, because about four o’clock in the afternoon of that November 3, the crowd was such in the surroundings that many of the fans began to report through social networks that the lines for the concert were absurd and the disorganized income. Although the doors opened at five in the afternoon, many complained that they had spent more than two hours in the queue.

“Waiting hours for admission. I had never happened before in another concert at Simón Bolívar. Also, there was not a single policeman in the long lines, “one of the attendees wrote on twitter. People even came to describe the situation as “stampede”.

But for others the situation was worse. When Systema Solar, the guest artist of Shakira, and the artist herself began to sing, many were still outside. “Ya Shakira is there to sing and one still in line. The doors did not open at 5 o’clock? “,” We are still far from the entrance, the concert has already started and there are thousands of people outside, “the users complained.

Shakira Concert
The displeasure and the agglomeration was portrayed in photos and videos. One of the most curious is a video posted on Twitter by @ sigapo80 in which you can see a group of people enjoy the concert from a pedestrian bridge on 68th Street. Although the clip does not make it clear if these people had tickets and did not They could enter, perfectly describes what was experienced outside the concert while the artist was already singing.

The concert

At 7 pm Systema Solar, a collective of Colombian artists that combines Afro-Caribbean music, champeta, bullerengue, cumbia, with other electronic genres, opened the concert night. To the rhythm of ‘Rumbera‘ and ‘The button of the trousers‘ they were raising the temperature of the capital, which by then, had been several hours out in the open in a cold and typical Bogota night. By that time, the venue was almost bursting.

When Shakira went on stage there were ten minutes left until 9 and her show lasted until around 10 and forty. But before starting the show, as he had announced, he premiered the video for ‘Nada’, one of the main hits of his most recent album El Dorado. Attendees could see it on the big screens, so that immediately afterwards, fans from all over the world could see it on the internet.

Shakira, who did not sing, danced, or played her music seven years ago in the capital of Colombia -one of the cities that saw her born and grow as an artist- broke down in tears within seconds of beginning to perform the first song of his repertoire ‘I am here‘. The song is part of his debut album Pies Descalzos in (1995) and was the first of his artistic career to earn a place in a musical list: he was ranked number one and two in the Billboard Latin Pop Songs and Top Latin Songs, respectively.

Visibly moved, she had to stop and take a breath to continue. The same thing happened to him at various times of the night, especially when he listened in the background to the ovation of the people. “We love you, Shaki, we love you” or “He showed off, Shaki, he showed off“, were some of the choirs that people shouted with one voice. The mixture of her emotions was to be expected: she returned to her homeland after a long absence, ended with great success her world tour, but above all, she did it after having “miraculously” overcome, as she described it, a serious injury to her strings vowels. For a long time he thought he could not sing again.

Shakira Concert 2

In a concert that lasted approximately two hours the Barranquilla artist performed her most recent and old hits, among them ‘Hips do not lie‘, ‘Loba‘, ‘Anthology‘, ‘Waka Waka‘ and ‘Luck‘. With a great staging Shakira danced, played drums, guitar, changed more than five times of costumes and was accompanied by a great band that deployed all kinds of instruments: from cello to accordion. Although during the first songs the sound was not quite right and her voice was not heard with the force that characterizes it, the blip was overcome and little by little the artist was setting the mood from the stage.

The most exciting moments were experienced when he did his traditional belly dance to sing ‘Luck’ and ‘Whenever, Wherever‘; and when after playing ‘Amarillo‘, from his recent album, he turned his guitar over and let it be seen that a portrait of Gerard Piqué, Milán and Sasha was engraved on the back. With the song ‘Blackmail‘, ‘Torture‘, ‘Rabiosa‘ and ‘Loba‘ he started to dance people. ‘Hips do not lie‘, without doubt, was one of the most anticipated and did not sing until the end. The most romantic moments of the night were reserved for his successes of yesteryear: ‘Anthology‘, ‘If you go‘ and ‘Underneath your Clothes‘.

There was also a space for poetry and philanthropy. The Colombian used two moments of her show to project two videos on the screens. In the first she appeared under the water while reciting the poem “Asunción de ti“, by the Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti. This was the introduction to the song “You“. The second showed the story of different children around the world who take more than an hour a day to reach their schools. Its foundation, barefoot, has as a priority to raise the living conditions of children in vulnerable situations.

La Bicicleta‘, his most recent hit and that he plays with Carlos Vives, was the song he chose to close. In the middle of dancing and artificial games he said goodbye, not without saying before that Colombia is one of his great treasures and he will always carry it in the Heart. During the night, the artist remembered the difficulties she had to overcome to consolidate her career, the nostalgia she felt about returning to Colombia and thanked all her fans. “They have given me the best tour of my life,” he said before the lights went out and he was off the stage.


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