The 7 Best Microphones to Record the Voice under $ 800

Best 7 condensor mic for record

When we talk about microphones, the first question that comes to the mind of those who are beginners is:

What is the best microphone to record the voice?

The truth is that…

A list of the “BEST” microphones for voice would not include anything under 3500 $. For a “basic” study, these are clearly impossible figures.

But the good news is that …

There are a lot of great alternatives at much more affordable prices.

In today’s post, I will give you my list of the 7 Best Microphones for Voice under $ 800.

The first microphone is …

1. Shure SM58-LC Vocal Microphone, Cardioid

Shure SM58-LC Vocal Microphone, Cardioid

Shure M58For a long time now, the Shure SM58 holds the crown of “Most Popular Microphone in the World”.

Take a look at the photos of your favorite singers on stage, and you’ll see that in 90% of cases they will have an SM58 in their hands.

This is due to its resistance to feedback, robustness and its ergonomic capsule, which makes it perfect for live performances.

The fact is that it works equally well in the hall …

And you would never think that professional studios with unlimited budgets use a € 100 microphone to record voices; instead this happens very often.

For this reason, the SM58 is an obligatory choice for ANYONE to want to set up a studio.

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Dynamic microphones like the SM58 are certainly excellent for some musical styles; but “wide-diaphragm” microphones are generally the norm for the voice.

And here’s the next choice in the list …

2. Rode NT1A

Rode NT1KIT Condenser Microphone Cardioid

RODE NT1When we talk about microphones for medium-range voice, the Rode represents the best of the best.

So the Rode NT1A is one of the two condenser microphones on my the category of “Best Cheap Voice Microphones”, it is undoubtedly the most interesting.

The combination of price, sound quality and overall reputation make this microphone an almost obvious choice.

In household studies all over the world, there is probably not one that is more widespread.

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Now that we have seen my choice number 1 between dynamic and condenser microphones, let’s analyze two alternatives for each of them.

Let’s start with the dynamic …

3. Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone, Cardioid

Shure SM7BIn the dynamic microphones category …

The Shure SM7B is one of the few SPECIFICALLY designed for the voice.

Its most common areas of use are:

Radio transmissions Urled Rock Voices

Especially for rock voices is the industry standard.

In fact, the original version of this microphone, the SM7, was at one point used by all rock stars since its debut in 1976.

The most famous example is the famous Michael Jackson album, Thriller.

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The next is another dynamic microphone, perhaps even more famous …

4. Sennheiser MD421

Sennheiser MD 421 II Cardioid Dynamic Mic

Sennheiser MD421It is not a microphone expressly designed for the “voice”, but …

The Sennheiser MD421 is universally recognized as the “Best Handyman” in the world.

It’s great for the voice, of course; but it also does a lot more …

Work with electric guitars, drums, bass, percussion, and almost anything else you can imagine.

If you are versatility what you are looking for, I highly recommend this microphone.

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Let’s go now to see some condenser microphone …

5. Rode NTK

Rode NTK Tube Condenser Microphone

Rode NTKMost experts agree: for the voice, nothing is better than the warm vintage sound of a tube microphone.

So in the list of the best microphones to record the voice … we must have at least ONE, right?

The problem is that … most of them have prices starting from $ 3,000 upwards.

There are however some exceptions, and under $ 700 you will not find anything better than the RODE NTK.

If you are looking for a “vintage sound”, this is the microphone for you.

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Now let’s move on to another condenser microphone with a recognized versatility …

6. sE Electronics sE2200a II

sE Electronics sE2200a IImicrophone polar patternsOf all the microphones on the list, sE Electronics sE2200a II is probably the one that will give rise to more questions.After all, it is neither a classic nor a microphone for voice. Anyway…If there’s one type of microphone that every studio should have … it’s a multi-pattern wide-diaphragm condenser microphone.

The reason is given by its extreme versatility. In addition to working well with vocals, it is also a must-have for stereo recordings.

Having said that most of the microphones in this category have exorbitant prices, there is a notable exception … in fact, the sE Electronics sE22a II.

If you want a microphone that sounds great not just with your voice, this is what you need.

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As last on the list, I held a very special microphone …

7. Neumann TLM 102

Neumann TLM 102Among those who own a home studio, someone calls it the “Holy Grail of Microphones for Voice” …Because under the $1,000, the Neumann TLM 102 is the best you can have.Now, if you’ve already heard of Neumann …You will also know that they have a reputation for being the producers of the Best Microphones in the world for a long time …

ABOVE for microphones for voice.

The problem is their cost. Many of the top models cost over $ 3000.

However, with the last line called “TLM” Neumann has made his typical “sound” much more accessible.

Among TLM microphones, none is more popular than the Neumann TLM102.

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I hope you enjoyed the article.


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