The 10 best microphones in the world


The 10 best microphones in the world, by Bobby Owsinski (author of “Mixing Engineer Handbook”)
Bobby Owsinski, author of more than 20 books on audio, including the famous “Mixing Engineer Handbook”, listed his 10 favorite microphones and commented on them.

# 1 – Neumann u87
Neumann u87

“I’ve had a love-hate relationship with 87 over the years, but now, for sure, it’s more for love. Whenever I use it, I know that I will reach a high standard sound. I love using it in tones, percussion, guitar amplifiers and vocals. ”

# 2 – Royer R-121

Royer R-121
“What a wonderful mic! It sounds good on most things, equalizes it incredibly well and is as sturdy as a tape mic should be. I usually use it on guitars, guitars, overheads, percussion at a distance and even on some vocals. ”

# 3 – AKG C414

AKG C414
“There is no doubt that the older versions sound better, but I always know what to expect from this model, and it usually does not disappoint me. I can use it almost anywhere I would use the U87 and where the sound may need a little more fidelity. ”

# 4 – Neumann KM84

Neumann KM84
“This is one of the best small diaphragm microphones in my opinion. I love this mic in the box, hi-hat and guitars. ”

# 5 – Shure SM-7B

Shure SM-7B
“One of the most forgotten microphones of all time, the SM-7B is an SM57 with steroids and a much bigger and daring sound. It’s a great microphone for voice, especially for ripped voices. And also a great mic for dubbing and voiceover. ”

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# 6 – Electro-Voice RE-20

Electro-Voice RE-20
“This is one of my favorite drum mics. There’s nothing flashy, just a pretty bass, and it can also be a great vocal mic for some singers. ”

# 7 – Shure Beta 57
Shure Beta 57

“While many engineers opt for the old and well-known SM57 for guitars and boxes, I like the latest Beta 57. It has a more closed pickup pattern making the insulation better and a bit sharper as well. Used in box, guitar amplifiers (along with R-121) and hand percussion. I still prefer the old Beta 57 to the new 57A, but it’s very hard to find these days.

# 8 – Mojave MA-200
Mojave MA-200
“David Royer is a smart guy and his technical knowledge has spread beyond the tape microphone, as his Mojave mics can attest. The MA-200 is a large multi-diaphragm polar pattern condenser microphone that can be used anywhere I would normally use the U87. I have to say that it has the softest sound, although sometimes it is not what I seek. I used it on guitars, strings and percussion and I would love to try it out in tones, but generally never have the amount of them needed for it. ”

# 9 – AKG C12VR

“It’s not because he’s almost at the end of the list that he’s not a favorite, it’s not always possible to find one. I love using it on vocals. He is magical in overheads, on strings and is perfect in bass amp (thanks to Ken Scott who uttered the words etched in my brain: “That’s what I used to use in Paul McCartney”) ”

# 10 – Neumann TLM 102

Neumann TLM 102

In the midst of recording studios, some call it the “Holy Grail of Vocal Microphones” …
Because, costing less than $ 10,000, the Neumann TLM 102 is the best you can have.
Now if you have heard of the Neumann Company before …

So you also know that they have a long standing reputation for being the creators of the World’s Best Microphones …

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