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    Are You Looking for The Best Singing Lessons?

    If you enjoy singing and think it may be a path you could truly excel in, or if you just want to continue developing your voice for fun taking singing lessons may be the best tool to get to your goal. You can generally find vocal coaches in your area in almost every part of […] More

  • the best online class 2018

    Review #1 Singing Online Class : The Superior Singing Method

    Superior Singing Method Let me ask you something … If you could hire your vocal coach who worked with Grammy winning producers and get them to work with you when you want, would you hire them for a down payment? Yes, of course you would! Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been singing for years, […] More

  • how to choose vocal coach

    Vocal Coach : How the choose the right vocal coach ?

    As in all fields of teaching, as well as singing, there can not be a person capable of satisfying anyone’s learning needs; it is a question not only of approach, of technique, or of style or genre of music, but also of character compatibility. HAVE THE CLEAR IDEAS The important thing to do before choosing […] More