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  • how to start singing for beginner

    How to Start Singing for beginners ?

    I have received many messages from people who are thinking of starting to learn how to sing but do not know what to do before investing in a voice class. Generally these people are afraid of not liking what they are going to study or even of not getting used to the rhythm of the […] More

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    How to Improve the Quality of Your Voice

    There are some main points that can be of great help, no matter which way you sing. Contrary to what many people think, practice does not necessarily lead to perfection; however, it can cause a great improvement! There are a number of practical steps you can take to improve the quality of your voice, from […] More

  • learn how to sing better

    Learn How to Sing Better Than Ever

    How many years have you envisioned making it as a singer? How many competitions and contests have you tried out for? How often have seen yourself at the podium giving your Grammy-winning speech? Well, are you ready for the best news of your life? What if I told you I had the secret that will […] More

  • contemporary music.

    Theory and vocal techniques for contemporary music.

    Like identity documents, the voice is personal and non-transferable. The voice is the oldest acoustic instrument (it must be considered as such) in the world. Inherent in the human being, it has been used to talk and make music since the beginning of time, long before the first percussive elements appeared and were used. It […] More

  • Learn how to sing

    Master the notes of Graves to sing sharp notes

    Many students upon arrival tell me “I even did not get that note”, whenever we climbed into the octaves of the piano. That will have the sharp in our mind, that we feel limited, that you can not get there, that requires a special talent … All the babblings of a mind that does not […] More

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    11 Simple Singing Tips (That Everyone Should Know)

    You can dramatically improve your singing skills by following these singing tips in your daily life as a singer. They are simple but extremely important tricks that 99% of professional singers do every day throughout their careers. Regardless of your level as a singer, these tips should be part of the daily life of anyone […] More

  • little kid singing

    6 singing tips for all beginners

    Vocal types is all about your singing success. Do you agree that singing is one of the most universal and beautiful forms of expression that exists? Although some seem to be lucky enough to have the gift, we all have a voice and, if we wish, we must claim the freedom to express ourselves in […] More

  • is sing a gift

    Is singing a gift?

    You can train so you do not get embarrassed and even be able to make yourself beautiful. But to have a voice of a Pavarotti, only if you are born a Pavarotti No. Everyone can sing well. And singing well means having a tuned voice. For this, just train. But your voice will never be […] More

  • girl sing a song

    Learn how to sing well in 30 days

    Singing is an art. Some people are born knowing how to sing well, but that does not mean that they are the only ones who can speak. An online singing class can both correct the shortcomings of deaf people and can improve the technique of those who already know how to sing. In this article […] More