Shure BETA 87A Supercardioid Condenser Microphone

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shure beta 87a  professional vocal quality studio microphone in your live show.
shure beta 87a  premium quality microphone

For studio quality in a live performance, smooth and responsive frequency response for precise sound, excellent high-frequency setting, smooth and precise nuances.

The beta 87a shure is a premium handheld electret supercardioid premium condenser microphone with exceptionally smooth and homogenous frequency response, designed to work in situations of high SPL levels.

The shure beta 87a is used in professional audio, sound reinforcement, broadcast and studio recording applications. It combines supreme performance with the necessary endurance in touring and constant use.

With the frequency wrench filter (bass cut) it compensates for the proximity effect and avoids the “closed” sound common in nearby pickups.

Shure’s characteristic brightness is present in the midrange, and the supercardioid polar pattern with null points near 125º ensures excellent insulation from other sound sources (like other vocalists or instruments) and makes it the ideal choice for vocals.
Key Features shure handheld microphone

Shure BETA 87A

The shure beta87a requires Phamton Power to operate.

Smooth frequency response with gradual presence gain.

Uniform supercardioid polar pattern for high gain before feedback and rejection of off-axis sounds.

Electronic bass cut compensates for proximity effect.

Wide dynamic range (117dB) and low distortion.

Very low susceptibility to RF noise and electromagnetic buzz.

Advanced pneumatic shock mount system that minimizes the pickup of handling and vibration noises.

Built-in anti-puff filter reduces breathing and wind noise.

Shure Quality and Reliability

Technical data shure microphone for vocal Beta 58A

Brand name: Shure
Model: beta87a
beta 87a shureType: Vocal Microphone
Capsule: The electric condenser
Frequency response: from 20Hz to 20KHz
Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
Impedance: 150 Ohms
Maximum sound pressure level: 140.5 dB SPL
Need power: Phantom power from 11 to 52 Vdc

Items Included:
1 Beta 87a shure microphone
1 microphone pipe
1 Zippered carrying bag
1 Packing
Origin: China

Original Shure Product from Brazil with NF-e
02-year warranty against factory defects,
(90 days, according to the Consumer Protection Code + 21 months direct with the Manufacturer).
Technical assistance throughout Brazil

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