Quick Start Singing Excercise For No Time People.

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Have you always wanted to sing but do not have the time or desire to go to class?Singing Exercise in this article

Do not worry, you can learn to sing by yourself with this singing exercise, you just have to be constant and patient. To achieve this it is important to practice these tips daily to do it from your home.

Start with breathing exercises

Inhale deep several times as if the air was heavy and you had to hold it for a while. Feel your stomach fill with air. When inhaling do not raise your shoulders, as this limits the amount of oxygen entering the lungs. Practice blowing a pen and keeping it in the air for a while. Do not let it blow away all the air, play with your breath so you never feel completely empty.

Vocal Techniques

Pronounce each of the vowels clearly marking their sound. Hold the sound for a few seconds. Do the exercise again but now exaggerate your gestures, open your mouth, move the whole face well in doing so.

Repeat the singing exercises a few times. Practice saying the letter “M” but as if you were to yawn and do not want others to see you.

Then try to make the same move but open your lips. Once the muscles of the face vibrate without feeling pressure or tension I gave the M followed by the vocal without forcing the sound so much. Do it in a very natural and simple way.

Another singing exercise is to close your lips without much force, inhale air through your nose and then let it out through your mouth without opening your lips. This will make them press their lips and vibrate because the air wants to leave. You will feel a tickle all over your face and this means that your sound will be much better.

When sung using the throat sounds tense, that’s why it’s best to use the diaphragm. To practice practicing inhales in a while and expands the stomach.

Listen to artists who have a comfortable tone for you and practice following the lyrics.

Repeat these singing exercises once or twice a week, as no one improves with a single try.

Singing well is something that is learned with time and preparation, but you can prepare yourself with these tips and if you feel that is your thing, enroll in a class.

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