PRS Guitars, First Models for 2019


PRS Guitars has unveiled some of the models that will be part of the 2019 catalog, with highlights for a new version of Paul’s Guitar, Paul Reed Smith’s signature model.

PRS Guitars anticipates its presence in Winter NAMM 2019 and has already presented several of the products that will be part of its catalog for next year, namely a host of new electric and acoustic guitars. Among the models already presented and in the electric ones, it is possible to emphasize the reformulation of the signature model of the own Paul Reed Smith, the luthier who founded the brand, as well as the CE 24 Semi-Hollow and the SE Custom 24 with finish Ziricote. There are also acoustic SE models.
Remember that during 2018, PRS Guitars stirred the community with the release of John Mayer’s infamous Silver Sky. Polemics aside, here are each of the news already known and the respective notes sent by PRS Guitars to the press.



Historically, Paul Reed Smith’s guitar (just like the predecessor Modern Eagle) brings together the discoveries of the famous luthier with regard to guitar sound. This reformulated model therefore represents not only Paul’s vision as a guitar builder, but also as a guitarist and musician who needs ready-to-use equipment on stage and in studio, able to immediately get the right sound.
As an individual who has all the options available to him, Paul’s personal design choices include mahogany maple topped bodies, Honduran rosewood scales, nitro cellular finishes, bird brushstroke inlays, and narrow coils in pickups. Paul’s Guitar includes treble and bass pickups with PRS TCI (Tuned Capacitance and Inductance) technology, two mini switches that allow musicians to place one or both pickups in their humbucker or single coil modes.

“I do not like the new version of my guitar, I love it. With these new pickups, I can switch from a strong pickup on the bridge to a very crystal line one on the arm, you can hear each note simply by resorting to the mini switches and using the three-position switch absolutely normal. It’s a very musical setup and extremely useful, “says Paul Reed Smith. «This guitar has cleaned and bright single coils when dividing the pickups but a full body when they are in humbucker mode. It’s very beautiful. “



The original EC came in 1988, giving guitarists the traditional PRS design and features in a bolt-on neck system. It quickly became one of the most successful models of PRS Guitars and in 2016 it was again produced. This year marks the debut of a semi-hollow model in the range.

«The CE24 Semi-Hollow combines the” snap “and sustain of our bolt-on maple arm guitars, but adds the resonance of a semi-hollow body, creating a unique voice. Each of the distributors who went through the factory and tested the prototypes loved the guitar. We think it’s a pretty unique addition to our bolt-on model set, “said Jim Cullen, the brand’s Sales Director.



Last year’s increase in finishing options for the classic PRS SE Custom 24 models. This time will debut the options of zebrawood and ziricote varnishes, which add an even more exotic air to guitars.


The PRS Guitars will increase its range of acoustic models SE Angelus and Tonare Grand with new combinations of woods and finishes. The SE A55E and T55E continue the aesthetic Private Stock in the SE range with a quilted maple body and two finishes: the classic Black Gold Burst and Abaco Green. The SE A60E and T60E (pictured) come with a ziricote body, curly maple trim and abalone and rosette details. Both the 55 and 60 range have solid spruce tops, hybrid PRS and X classic design studs, bone eyelashes and the Fishman GT-1 pickups system.

To finish the news, in the acoustic universe still new burst finishes appear in the 40 and 50 ranges. You can confirm more details in the PRS Guitars.


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