Learning about Scores: Guidelines for your learning!

Learn how to makr score music

Scores, common among musicians, transcribe the melody and rhythm of the music, just as words form phrases, the notes are forming the sonority.

Working as a guide for musicians, not only are theyrecorded in the work,

but its three fundamental elements: Harmony, Melody and Rhythm.

Being organized in these three elements, the music is played perfectly, beingthe importance of the score.

Being a mandatory knowledge for those who work or would like to work withmusic, we separate some guidelines that can give you a hand in decipheringthem:

Get Connected!

With the Score containing 5 lines and 4 spaces, they are there to receive themusical notes at the ends of the lines and between them, being read from thebottom up.

Remember the order of the notes: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So,La, Ti, interspersed between lines, end up reaching thenext Do. This set is called an octave, so when we “raise an octave”it is because we reach the next one to what we were playing.

A little help from the Keys:

Keys, a point of reference for anyone who plays. Help in understanding thenotes. Let’s see, the Clave de Sol, the most common, is used in instrumentssuch as piano, organ and guitar.

Used to locate, the clave when seen in a score has the beginning of its drawingin the second line, in the same place where the note Sun is. This makes iteasier to tell and know where the other notes are in the score.

No “training”, No gain!

Perfection through practice. Read, “reading is also an exercise”,scores demand reading and deepening in your content, choose some of yourfavorite songs read them.

If there is still difficulty in identifying notes, do not worry, write theirnames under each drawing until you feel confident.

Practice on the instrument! Practice helps memorize and understand the score.By doing so, you will be able to quickly assimilate the notes and read them.

Remember, studying is always important!

To further improve your score reading practices, having your own instrument isa great choice.


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