Learn a little about the history of World Music Day

world music

The World Music Day came about through UNESCO in 1975, at the initiative of the International Music Council – a nongovernmental organization that aims to promote peace and friendship among peoples with the help of music. Since October 1, 2010 is considered World Music Day.

Objectives of World Music Day:

    – Promote musical art in all sectors of society;
    – Publicize musical diversity;
    – Application of UNESCO’s ideals such as peace andfriendship between people, the evolution of cultures and the exchange ofexperiences.

“Music is considered by various authors a cultural and humanpractice.”

To this day, no civilization has been known that has not tanned a sound oremitted some sort of grunting, which, mixed with drum or metal beats, hasbecome art, whether it be ritualistic or merely amusement.

For people of many cultures, music has been extremely linked to its life sinceits beginnings, and certainly speaking now of a time closer to ours,Brasilidade places us within these “many”, leaving in the first positions, thanks to a result of the joining of a lot of poetry, rhythm and talent, beginning with the “Girl from Ipanema”, which led and leadsto Bossa for many nations, in numerous languages, passing “For you, whowould dance tango in the ceiling and clean the tracks of the subway … “,for” Exaggerated, thrown at his feet … “, to you who said,” Iquieted “, and to complete, he still declared himself to her,saying:” See that moon, which shines in heaven, if you ask me I’ll justget you to give! “, a friendship of rhythms that when united, satisfy the  taste of each one.

Different dances, different rhythms, on World Music Day, live it, celebrate,sing loudly, listen to its sound at maximum volume, have fun, make friends andenjoy. On this date, many institutions and schools of music organize specialand free concerts for the public, workshops and lectures, look also in yourcity and prestigie.

Musicalize yourself, this is good!
Celebrate the music !!!


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