Is singing a gift?

is sing a gift

You can train so you do not get embarrassed and even be able to make yourself beautiful. But to have a voice of a Pavarotti, only if you are born a Pavarotti

No. Everyone can sing well. And singing well means having a tuned voice. For this, just train. But your voice will never be the same as your favorite singer, because each person has his own ring.

singing is gift

What differentiates one voice from another is the anatomy of the larynx. As the cavities and tubes of the organ vary in each, the voice is also different. Timbre is like our fingerprint, what professionals call vocal personality. That’s why not everyone is tenor. But it can improve. See below how.

Sing now (or in a while) With right training, you can, perhaps, change the singing of the shower through the stages listenImproving your hearing is the first step. Tuning the voice is a slow and labored process, as you have to listen, detect and differentiate each note and output it at the right frequency. To develop auditory musicality is to know how to distinguish musical notes and to have a sense of rhythm. BreatheBreathing exercises help you better control the air outlet and keep a note longer. When you get the respiratory control, you use the air correctly, without bumping or losing breath. MalheLearning to sing is like going to the gym: it is a job of strengthening and endurance for the 22 muscles that govern the larynx. A specific exercise for the diaphragm, for example, is to pronounce the sequence tsi-xi-fi several times without breathing. InspireThe timbre is determined by several factors, such as the size of the folds, elastic fibers located in the larynx. For example, long vocal cords may indicate severe voices. Already the short ones indicate acute voices.


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