Important of Musical Theory in Singing

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One of the most important themes that we most lecture is the written part of music, known as musical theory.

  A lot of singers and musicians generally dislike or don’t want to learn music theory, because it as the boring part of music, care only about learning the practical knowledge of the instruments or their voice, but it is illusory to think that it can become a great musician without learning the theoretical part.

In this article we will talk a little bit about the real importance of song theory in singing, for those people who want to become singers or already sing professionally.

What is the importance of Musical Theory to whoever wants to be a singer?

It is true that when some people do singing classes, especially popular singing classes do not give much importance to this theoretical part, finding it unnecessary to have music theory class and end up becoming singers “parrots”, which reproduces what he hears, different of an erudite singing class in which music theory is of paramount importance.

And really the musical theory is very important for those who practice singing, for the student to understand the sounds, to understand the notes, to sing knowing what he is doing, not only reproducing what he hears.

Learning music theory during a singing lesson helps the student broaden their horizons, gain a broader view of the musical world. It goes beyond understanding a lot of scribblings, helps the student to understand what he is doing, and when we understand what we are doing, learning becomes easier.

So, you who have always had the desire to do singing class, however, have always been afraid to do musical theory class, know that it is not scary and that, although it seems difficult, music theory will help you to better understand the music, and consequently you will truly learn by becoming a complete singer!


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