How to posture for Singing

how to posture for singer

Posture of great importance for the singer, because a posture is fundamental in a vocal production of quality.

When we speak of posture some people can confuse it with stiffness. Posture is not synonymous with rigidity or tension. Posture in the corner is to be free of tensions more while being with the body ready to receive commands with regard to breathing, diaphragmatic support, body expression, interpretation, and vocal projection. For this the body must be relaxed, without rigidity, upright spine, head in place, free arms, shoulders aligned, knees loose, body weight divided in both feet thus maintaining a good balance. In this way the sound flows more naturally and brings back to the audience a sense of tranquility, making the message reach everyone with efficiency.

Some people because of lack of preparation care, body awareness end up developing addictions in their postures, which can disrupt their communication and or impair their musical and vocal performance.

Posture Vices:

# Bent forward or backward. This addiction causes people to sing also using this mode and over time can cause serious problems in the spine and neck. This posture can be very detrimental to breathing.

# Walking or sitting with your head facing forward: Many people do not even notice it, they tend to head straight forward, causing tension in the muscles of the neck, neck and neck. The tension in this region causes the sound to get stuck in the throat, damaging the resonance and projection of the voice, which can eventually injure up to the vocal folds.

# Hands in pocket: Indicates insecurity, nervousness or tension. You should avoid putting your hand in your pocket during a performance whether it is singing, presenting work in college, speaking, or something that requires direct communication.

# Excessive movement: Many people because of the nervousness when they are in front of the public get rocking all the time. Now they move their hands, their legs, their whole body, or they move their hair, they fix their clothes all the time, they are restless. In the case the person shows that he is very nervous making the public also tense. Communication is not established because everyone is concerned with whether the singer is able to reach the end of the performance and not the message of the song. Every move must be made to enrich the interpretation and not to dodge the nervousness.

# Inappropriate shoes or clothing: a tight shoe, a clothing that does not give comfort and does not fit well takes the peace of any interpreter. The concern of the singer who was to be the song the arrangement, the interpretation, the interpretation becomes the clothing, the accessory or the shoe. The result will be an imprecise voice, weak or shaky voice plus a mechanical interpretation without emotion.

# Load weight on one side only of the body: The weight needs to be distributed on both shoulders or alternating sides. Usually people mostly women use their bags only on one side causing tension and overloading the joints. This over time can cause tension, pain and problems in joints and bones.

The posture should be adopted in our day to day avoiding problems caused by an improper posture. Postural deviations are usually caused by postural defects over time.

Deviations of Posture:

The deviations can be of three types depending on how the curvature of the column lies.


It is an increase in the curvature of the spine forward in the thoracic and cervical region causing the body to be leaning forward. It damages breathing and interpretation as the body is tilted making communication difficult. The treatment is with postural correction, physiotherapy and RPG.

It is an increase in the curvature of the spine inward in the lower back causing the upper body to be tilted back. It hurts the breath and causes a lot of pain when standing for a long time. The treatment is with postural correction, physiotherapy and RPG.

It is the abnormal increase in curvature of the S-shaped spine. This curvature may be right or left. This problem is usually caused due to repetitive posture deviations. It causes a lot of pain and can impair breathing and interpretation and posture in general. The treatment is with postural correction, physiotherapy and RPG.
A good way to take care of posture is to always sing, train, study using the mirror. Mirror study helps in correcting and learning posture.
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