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Playing the piano by ear is one of the most amazing skills that you will want to pick up. Just by simply listening to a piece of music and start playing it can be a very cool skill to learn. Most people could do that easily with simpler melody or a well known song. But to be actually be good at playing piano by ear, you need to have to practice your hearing better.


For this course, we would teach you some of the basics of playing piano by ear. Of course to be able to play by ear skillfully, you would need to master at least some level of piano skill before you can play difficult pieces by ear. But lets just get started…

Trial And Error –
To start learning how to play piano by ear, you can firstly start this trial and error practice.

You may want to start with a simpler song like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I’m sure you know how does the song sounds if not otherwise, we would suggest that you listen to it again.

Now after you have listen to the song, start to put your fingers on the piano and trial and error with the keys. Try to find the first note.

Have you found it?

It is usually a C for most of the Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars song.

If you hum the tune out, it would be something like “Doe Doe So So La La So”.

If the first note is C, which represents the “Doe”, then the next melody is “So” which would be 5 notes away from the C which would represents the G.

Do you sort of understand this?

Do you know what would be the next note? It’s the A key which represents the La  key.

Now once you have understand this, maybe you can try to figure out the whole song by yourself. It may be difficult at the start but after a while, you will find that you have played the whole songs.

From this exercise, you can see that humming out the sound can help you greatly in playing the piece by ear.

Finding the Doe, or Re or Mi can also help you find the other notes easily. This is using or finding the melody, if you can figure out how does the melody goes for a song, you can figure it out how to play the piece easily by ear.

Note: The same melody can be played on different places of the keyboard.

If you read the beginning, you will notice that I’ve mentioned that it is usually start on the C. You can actually play the same piece starting with different keys on the piano and it still sound the same.

For example, we could start with D instead of C. And it will be D, D, A, A, B, B A.

That’s because you have change the key of the piece. When you start at C just now, you are using the C major. If you start at D, you will be using the D major. (please note that the it doesn’t meant that if you start with any key, the major will be the same as the key).

You can actually tried to practice the Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars with all the keys. It will be challenging but if you can stay determined, you will eventually able to play the piano by ear easily.

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