How Difference between Dynamic Microphones and Condensers!


General characteristics and the presentation of the models with their specificfunctions and environments where they operate, were also highlights of our pastsubject.

At first, it is important to first understand that everyone works with similarcharacteristics. Category of pickup, frequency response, sensitivity andregulation of decibels according to particularities. But they are unique in theneeds where they are present.

Thus, we will speak today of the two most famous models of this vast universe:


Dynamic Microphone

dynamics microphone

The Microphone that bumps everything! Versatile and resistant, they capturelittle external sound.

If compared to the capacitors, when they capture, they lose some quality, butthe risk of microphone in them is much smaller, because they do not capture allthe sensitivity.

Used on stage by singers support several oscillations, because the artist inhis performance, will be a softer and more serious hour, another more acute andeven in some moments will scream and play with the audience.

This microphone is preferable because it adapts to these amplitude levelsquietly.

They do not require much care to maintain their quality for a long time.

Its output level is good for direct connection compared to other microphoneinputs.

Condensers Microphone

Condenser Microphone

The fragile and delicate! They even need proper transport, recommendation of the manual of theitem itself.

They have a flatter frequency response compared to Dynamic Microphones. In addition,they are clear and accurate during a recording. Theaccuracy difference in audio pickup is sharp if placed side by side.

The differential is also inoperation, the capacitors need a Phantom Power, a continuous supply voltage,the dynamic ones are by electrical signal and coil. Theresult of all this is a sound with more details and much cleaner. If the Phantom Power is not turned on, the Condenser will not operate.

Theseare the Dynamic Microphones and Condensers Microphone, the first models presented in ourposts and that you now know them. Stay tuned in our nextpublications and get to know other models too!


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