Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, my review after 2 years of use

Yes, I bought my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 two years ago and I’m ready to create my own review. What to say, if I had to sum up my experience in one word I would definitely say “Wow”! Having paid only 100 euros, now it costs even less, I would say that he did a great deal.

It sounds scary to be a sound card so cheap and above all, having used it with the guitar and the voice, I can confirm the superb quality of the MIC inputs and connectors for the musical instruments.

Audio quality

This version 2i2 of Focusrite is a bomb, when I took it on Amazon I did not expect it, really. I thought it was yet another consumer product dedicated to those who do not want particular performance, but I must say that this USB sound card has almost all of them.

The audio that comes out of it, obviously with the right sources and the right equalization, is much higher than the competing cards like the iTrack Solo, the Steinberg UR22 or the Presonus AudioBox. There is no comparison because the amount spent is commensurate with quality, in fact, after two years I do not hear any buzz. It fell a couple of times and slammed against some wall during the movements, however the rigid body has held up perfectly and the sound quality has remained practically unchanged. Every now and then you hear some small noise when I raise or lower the volume Master but you can not say that I have treated “maniacally” the Scarlett 2i2.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools First, Red, 2i2 – 2 Mic Pres

Materials and versatility

focusrite Scarlett 2i2It’s a 100% portable sound card, in fact, just connect it to the USB and you can immediately configure the drivers, a procedure to be done only the first time. It has been studied with great care to the robustness because, carrying it around, it is easy to hit it against some wall or some obstacle, so Focusrite has already foreseen everything. The rubberized controllers of the microphones and the microphone entry are something exceptional, they offer an excellent grip even with sweaty and dirty hands (what often happens if you record in the cantinola) and at the same time allow a precise adjustment to the millimeter.

I used it with FL Studio, Cubase and Logic, I must say that it is perfectly adapted to all these software for sampling and recording. In particular, the installation with FL Studio was lightning fast, it took only a few seconds to connect the MIDI keyboard and to process the whole signal directly from the card.

Would I buy it again?

The answer is yes, after having tried this 2i2 and having also tested its main competitors (Steinberg UR22, iTrack Solo and Presonus AudioBox) I would say that Scarlett is definitely the best sound card you can buy in 2017. I would buy it again ‘reliability that guaranteed me, for the high quality audio at this price has absolutely no compromise, although there are cards more performing but costing at least twice.

I would choose it again for the strength and quality of the materials and because it has a compact shape. If you move a lot it is impossible to bring a bulky card, it will become an ordeal, but all this is just a distant dream with this Focusrite. Over the years I have read many opinions so I collected a little bit of case studies, in fact many broke the USB input in the back, a fact unpleasant, really, but I did not happen, in short I think it would take a little more than attention to ensure that these things do not happen. I also recommend taking a dedicated cost because it is not supplied, so at a cost of about ten euros it is preserved from accidental falls or signs of wear that are normally seen after a few years.

You can check the price > Amazon

As can be understood from the review, I have also recommended it to some friends who are DJ Producers given the great versatility and have found themselves well. They found themselves well, in fact, this sound card is perfect for any type of musician or for audiophiles. You can hear or produce music with a sound quality far superior to that offered by the classic card already integrated into the computer. What to say, I did the deal and I was more than satisfied. Here below I collected the technical specifications of the historical brand so you can compare the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for example to version 2i4 or its latest twin, the Scarlett 2i2 2nd Generation. Also from the official website you can find all the information and you can download the drivers.

Technical specifications

focusrite Scarlett 2i2 front & BackIt has 2 In and 2 Out with USB technology Conversion at 96 KHz and 24-bit level There are 2 microphone preamps Chassis made of aluminum colored red and anodized (beautiful I must say)

Front panel interface     

  • 2 Channels therefore 2 switches for the instruments     
  • 48V Phantom     
  • Direct switch in the monitor     
  • USB USB connection indicator     
  • Headphone output

Rear panel interface     

  • 2 output lines – USB 2.0 type port

Programs included with the sound card     

  • Ableton Live Lite 8     
  • Focusrite Scarlett plug-in suite     
  • Drivers and instructions

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