Do online singing lessons really work ?

online vocal class

An Online Singing class is mean you can learn to sing everywhere and everytime you want.

Before I started singing and studying vocal technique, I kept thinking about what this kind of class would be like.

He did not know what to expect, what subjects would be covered, what facilities and difficulties he would face while studying singing.

Thinking about it, I think a good starting point for this article may be this, explaining to those who want to take a class, how they really work.

How a Online Singing Class Works

singerdemy affiliateI want to remember that I have already taken online and online singing classes and I can guarantee that of all of them I got the most results and content was with the Online singing course.

For those who ask me I took the Pilares do Canto course, it was worth it! (To enroll in it just click here)

It seems to be very abstract for those who have no knowledge on the subject, and often this is the doubt that prevents people from starting their singing course.

Basically a singing class works as follows, we will divide into two types of student, those who already sing and those who never sang in life follows:

Students who never sang: For this type of student the teacher will start from scratch, and based on how easily the student absorbs the material, it will dictate the pace of the classes.
Starting from scratch no matter how hard it may seem, it’s a good opportunity for you to do things right from the start.
With a good teacher you will not acquire addictions that many who already sing or have learned alone have. This will make you a better singer with great ease of learning new vocal techniques.

Students who already sing: Many teachers like to work with students who already arrive with some knowledge If on the one hand it is good to know something before starting your singing classes, on the other you can get full of addictions.
The time he would gain from basic matters will be lost in dealing with these vices and difficulties.
The teacher will detect your level and within that will make the necessary corrections so that you can continue teaching from the point you know ahead.

For both cases the kind of singing class is the same, the material will be the same, the singing instructor will only skip what you already know if you have any prior knowledge about the subject.

What do they teach in a class and song?

This is the case of most classroom classes in neighborhood music schools, however there are rudiments that are or should be passed in all cases, are as follows:

  • Heating
  • Breath
  • Articulation
  • Tuning
  • Interpretation

     In each of these subjects the teacher, besides teaching the basics during his singing lessons for those who have no knowledge, will correct errors and difficulties that are specific to each student.

     In some cases there are teachers who explore more advanced areas, but the basics for those who are starting and even for those who already sing is this, if a teacher does not intend to give this type of information in class, escape from it.
Online Corner Courses Do They Work?

Surely the Online Corner Classes work yes, even better than face-to-face classes where you meet the teacher once a week.

     I say this with all propriety since I have studied with great teachers in person, paying dearly and studied online through Pilares do Canto. I had a pleasant surprise with this course that proved to be far superior to the others.

     In an online class the benefits are numerous, you can go back and watch the material again as many times as you like, you can ask questions with your teacher online via Whatsapp (exclusive of Pilares do Canto) or in student groups.

    If you are a student who learns faster this material is also very suitable for you because you can conduct the classes at your own pace.

     Different from a school where the teacher is attached to a grid that aims to keep the student for as long as possible studying.

    The biggest advantage is that you only pay for it once, unlike a traditional course where you pay every month for the rest of your life.

Private Singing Classes or Music Schools?

Another point that raises a lot of question is whether teachers who give private singing lessons are as good as teachers who teach at large institutes or music schools.

This is a very delicate point and we advise you to also read our article How to Choose a Singing Teacher.

Most of the time, teachers who teach corner classes unrelated to a school or institute offer in a way a material and rhythm of study more personalized (very rare because most aims to keep the student for as long as possible).

In these cases the teacher will not be following a curriculum proposed by the school and a pace that is often slower because it is profitable for the institution.

A serious school would not let anyone teach and stain the name of their institution.

A good teacher or course are those who do not keep curling you following the school curriculum just to save time and with it your tuition.

If the teacher is passing very little information despite your progress, start reassessing your teacher or school remembering that this is just in case you are already 100% in a subject.
Corner lesson in Video

Just like online singing lessons you need to know where you are walking because this method works very well as long as you have the correct discipline and the correct study pace, I always like to say that the best teacher you can have is yourself.

So dedicate yourself and this way nothing will be difficult or impossible for you.

Always be careful about the material you buy not to buy materials from people or fake professionals who try to deceive you, always look for materials recommended by trusted people and sources.
I do not play any instruments, can I do singing lessons?

Another common question, many people think they need to master an instrument to learn to sing and this is not true, of course all musical knowledge you have will collaborate for your learning and development during class.

But beforehand we can say that you do not need to know any instruments or have taken a guitar lesson to become a great singer and make the most of your course.

The best online singing lesson at the lowest price is:

singoramaIn the past I have indicated several excellent teachers that I had, and I do not regret it because as I learned, my nominees also had an excellent learning.

But as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, I was amazed at the quality of the Pillars of Song.

The classes range from the basic to the super advanced, explaining tricks and techniques that only the great teachers and speech therapists of the country have access.

The course is all video, with some live group singing lessons that are marked in the course of the modules.

It is material that does not end more about melisma, drive, apogiatura, belting, advanced techniques that would need another article to fit here.

If you are interested in knowing, just click the button below. There are a few places open for this course, so do not waste time ok?

Enough of looking for free material without quality on the internet, study with someone who really understands:




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