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    Piano Story : Meet The Pleyel in Sao Paulo

    Five months agoI left home to play the first piano of this blog. Since then I began to understand that this musical search would be a dip in the great sea of ​​things that is São Paulo. I think I still sail through clear waters and wait anxiously for the fucking waters of this deep […] More

  • Piano Lessons for beginner

    Piano Lesson for beginners : Starting with Online Course

    Want to learn to play the piano without leaving home? See where to find piano lessons online! Are you looking for online keyboard course? If this is your case, know that you can learn virtually any instrument anyway on the internet! You are curious? So keep reading the text we have prepared for you! Learning […] More

  • 10 steps to learn to play piano for beginners

    10 steps to learn to play piano for beginners : works 100%

    The piano is one of the most difficult instruments that exist, to get to dominate it requires a long time of study, practice and patience, however to begin to “get” sounds to this instrument can be achieved if we have a little patience and follow these 10 steps: 1st STEP How should we sit at […] More

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    How To Play Piano By Ear : Online Course

    Playing the piano by ear is one of the most amazing skills that you will want to pick up. Just by simply listening to a piece of music and start playing it can be a very cool skill to learn. Most people could do that easily with simpler melody or a well known song. But […] More