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  • stan lee dead

    Stan Lee Dead : Real Life super hero.

    Stan Lee was the creator of many superhero comics, and one of the most influential people in contemporary pop culture He died Stan Lee, creator of many superhero comics and former publisher of Marvel, who had made the most famous comic book publishing house in the world and one of the largest companies in the […] More

  • Spice girl

    Victoria Beckham Speaks Out on Spice Girls Meeting

    Victoria Beckham Speaks Out on Spice Girls Meeting British pop band Spice Girls joked on Wednesday about plans for a new album after announcing they will reunite for a UK tour but said it would be strange not to have the ” Posh Spice “Victoria Beckham. Victoria Beckham wellknowns as David Beckham’s wife will miss […] More

  • Shakira

    The best moments of Shakira’s concert in Bogotá

    7 years ago the Barranquilla did not get on a platform in the capital. Although some attendees complained about the organization and the sound, Shakira gave a great show worth remembering. The day that hundreds of Colombians were waiting finally arrived. After seven years of absence, the Colombian singer returned to a platform of the […] More