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  • prs-model-2019

    PRS Guitars, First Models for 2019

    PRS Guitars has unveiled some of the models that will be part of the 2019 catalog, with highlights for a new version of Paul’s Guitar, Paul Reed Smith’s signature model. PRS Guitars anticipates its presence in Winter NAMM 2019 and has already presented several of the products that will be part of its catalog for […] More

  • top 10 valuable guitar

    10 Guitars with Best Valuable in 2019

    Whetheryou are starting to play the guitar or just want to save money, listed 10 guitars of various models and brands with the best value for money at the time of purchase. Of course a guitar with a lower value will hardly achieve the sound quality of a Fender or Gibson, but you can […] More

  • 5 step How to play guitar

    5 Easy Step to Learn How to Play Guitar in 1 Week !!!

    I see that you have finally taken the initial step and decided that today you will learn how to play guitar … Learning how to play guitar is an incredible experience. When you know how to play guitar, you will find that having a guitar is the same as having a good old friend around. […] More

  • John Petrucci

    5 Guitars Lessons You Can Learn From John Petrucci’s Technique

    When most musicians think of John Petrucci’s musical abilities, obvious things are repeated over and over again: “Petrucci owns a world-class shred guitar technique” or “Petrucci is a great composer.” Although the two statements above are true, these general (and obvious) statements do not add value to ‘your’ technique. The fact is that there is […] More

  • Guitar-tips for beginner

    10 Guitar Tips You Don’t Normally Hear

    When you ask a bunch of people for guitar-playing tips, you usually come up with some that get mentioned again and again. “Practice a lot.” “Play with others in a live session.” “Learn how to tune your instrument.” “Listen to other guitarists’ styles.” These are just a few of the ones that get repeated most […] More

  • Guitar-Trick chord

    How to Learn Guitar Chords For Beginner More Easily

    In order to play guitar, you are expected to master the beginner or simplest as well as most common chords for the instrument. If you are taking classes or an instructor-composed self-study course, you will most likely have a dedicated lesson for them. This is not to say that you will not be learning the […] More