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  • vocal warm up

    Vocal Warm up : how to warm up quickly and voice to record

    Before we start recording videos we need to learn about vocal Warm up. Never start recording without being prepared both vocally and physically. This is important because when we shoot videos we use three crucial points as attractive: the image, the voice and the movement. Therefore, keeping your voice aligned and well-crafted is essential to […] More

  • how to posture for singer

    How to posture for Singing

    Posture of great importance for the singer, because a posture is fundamental in a vocal production of quality. When we speak of posture some people can confuse it with stiffness. Posture is not synonymous with rigidity or tension. Posture in the corner is to be free of tensions more while being with the body ready […] More

  • singing excercise

    3 basic exercises for beginner in Artistic Singing

    1) -Techniques for the lips This exercise is done with the vibration of the lips. To do this, one must bring the lips forward, raising the diaphragm, so that it serves as supportin the execution of the exercise. The result of this remembers the joint pronunciation of the letters BR and we could compare it […] More

  • how to breath for singer

    Breathing Exercises to Sing Properly

    Breathing Exercises to Sing At the request of our readers today we will talk about Breathing Exercises for singing and how to improve your breathing when it comes to singing. Breathing, just like virtually everything that is connected to vocal technique, this subject requires much more than we usually think about the study of singing […] More