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  • vocal technique

    Vocal Technique to improve your singing skill

    It seems that today we are witnessing the recovery of interest in the problems of voice and Vocal Technique education. One discovers, or rather, rediscovers, the importance of vocal function in the personality structure. Discovering one’s own voice is sometimes synonymous with finding one’s own psychological balance. However, it is at the voice level that […] More

  • spotify famouse singer

    Who is the Most Famous Singers in Spotify 2018

    Do you use Spotify to listen to music on your computer or smartphone? Do you know which are the most popular song names these days? Find out in this list which are the 20 most famous singers in Spotify! 10. Taylor Swift The first name in the Top 10 list of most famous singers on […] More

  • vocal techniques

    3 Elements of Vocal Technique You need to Know.

    One of the most recurring problems I notice in vocal students is over-concern with the “controllable” elements of the voice. It may seem strange, but generally the more effort we make to sing, the less we let the right exercises work in favor of our voice. For a while (and this was for a little […] More

  • Singing Lessons Tips

    Is Singing Lesson Can Develope Your Singing Skills ?

    To take or not to take singing lessons that is the question. This is a key subject that many aspiring singers find themselves asking. After watching dreadful audition after dreadful audition on American Idol and hearing each contestant end with “but I have taken singing lessons”, one may naturally develop some reservations about the validity of […] More

  • Singing online

    Are You Looking for The Best Singing Lessons?

    If you enjoy singing and think it may be a path you could truly excel in, or if you just want to continue developing your voice for fun taking singing lessons may be the best tool to get to your goal. You can generally find vocal coaches in your area in almost every part of […] More

  • Top 10 hiphop best paid 2018

    Top 10 The World’s Richest Rapper in 2018

    Find out who are the world’s richest rappers, issue 2018, according to Forbes magazine. The leadership, with plenty of time, is occupied by Jay Z. The ranking methodology takes into account data from Pollstar (record industry data association) and Nielsen SoundScan (Database on Music and Film Information in the US and Canada); as well as […] More

  • Why is singing important

    Why is singing class important for every Singer ?

    Being a good singer does not only depend on talent or gift. Djavan, a well-known Brazilian artist, said that in music there is more perspiration than inspiration. That means studying, preparing, and caring. The singing class is, therefore, fundamental for those who love to sing. See below its importance and the main points that are […] More

  • how to sing like adele

    Quick Start Singing Excercise For No Time People.

    Have you always wanted to sing but do not have the time or desire to go to class?Singing Exercise in this article Do not worry, you can learn to sing by yourself with this singing exercise, you just have to be constant and patient. To achieve this it is important to practice these tips daily […] More

  • Bruno-Mars

    10 Magic Vocal Lessons From Bruno Mars

    Music is an almost infinite desert where there is no truth. Every person is a world and as they say, about tastes there is nothing written. To all this, there is evidence that we can not underestimate and one of them is the unquestionable artistic quality of which for many it is the most complete […] More

  • how to improve singing.

    Improve Your Singing Skill With Vocal Coaches

    Have you ever had a friend that thought he or she was a really good singer, when in reality, their voice made you cringe? As it turns out, your friend may not be totally crazy… When you sing or speak, you hear your voice through your bones and muscles, and that gives you a slightly […] More

  • bradley

    Singing Tips : How to sing in key

    Have you ever told anyone you’re tone deaf-or incapable of carrying a tune? Its usually the surest way of getting out of singing for someone, but is there such a thing as “tone deafness”? I doubt it. How can someone be born with the ability to hear, but not comprehend music? In ten years of […] More

  • in

    Learn How To Sing Better

    There are so many talented people out there who, if they took time to learn how to sing, would not have to work petty jobs on a daily basis. Learn how to sing is pretty easy if you have the right degree of determination.   Find An Inspiration A lot of people who are striving […] More

  • improve your sing

    How To Improve Your Singing!

    This article I intened to everyone who needs to solve thier singing problems or those wanting to learn how to sing wanting to improve your singing. Beginning singers, you are warmly invited to check our free services and discover ways to help improve your singing. We’ll cover everything from how to get started to what […] More

  • in

    How To Sing: My Top 5 Most Important Singing Tips

    When you guys ask me what the most important things to know about being a good singer are, I usually can’t come up with an answer right on the spot. There are tons of things that can contribute to your vocal performance, which is why I have so much information on my blog! However,  I […] More

  • Adele

    Learn how to sing? How To Sing Like A Pro Fast

    Many people have the wrong misconception that singing is only limited to people who naturally have this talent. In fact, there is a whole lot of information on the internet that supports this claim.This article will show you learn how to sing. However, one thing that you should know as you learn how to sing […] More

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