Breathing Exercises to Sing Properly

how to breath for singer

Breathing Exercises to Sing At the request of our readers today we will talk about Breathing Exercises for singing and how to improve your breathing when it comes to singing.

Breathing, just like virtually everything that is connected to vocal technique, this subject requires much more than we usually think about the study of singing would require. This subject ranges from exercises to the diaphragm to the physical conditioning of the singing student. It is impossible to have a good breath without having a minimum physical conditioning to maintain the stability and support of the time to sing on stage or in your singing class. People who are gasping for any reason often have difficulties in this area. Once you have problems with your breath, consequently it will not properly maintain the output and airflow. It is normal for singers to also suffer from another common problem that is the shaky and unsteady voice in the higher or lower notes.

How to Correct Breath in the Corner

This is “easily” corrected through breathing exercises that must be worked out since the first singing lessons. If you’ve never learned it then it’s time to chase after the lost time! While saying that it can be easily fixed, it will take some time until you begin to get results. In some cases up to months depending on the severity and present difficulties presented by the singer and also his physical conditioning. I will pass here some good and perhaps better breathing exercises that you can use to work your vocal support and breath, strengthening the diaphragm to obtain satisfactory results when more is required of you. Let’s go to them: Breathing Exercises Carefully follow the instructions for performing the Breathing exercises and perform each of them every day to expedite the process.     

  • 1st Exercise: Stand with your legs apart and aligned with your shoulders, place your hands under the ribs and breathe expanding this region. Now slowly let the air out, making the sound of the letter “F” slowly and steadily.     
  • 2nd Exercise: Just like the first one does the same procedure, but now letting out the air making the “S” sound and with pauses, 3 pauses and then let the air out completely. Repeat this process for 10 minutes. You will feel the diaphragm give little stings, in case you feel this you will be doing the right way.     
  • 3rd Exercise: As if you were filling a bladder, fill your lungs following the recommendations of previous exercises and luck the air constantly, in case of dizziness, stop for a few moments and resume the exercises. This exercise is for the breath and just like the others it is normal to feel a little dizzy.

Do you want to know more?

These were the basic Breathing Exercises, there are many others and unfortunately you will not become a great singer just with training your diaphragm. To become a great singer or singing teacher you need to study with the right material and a reliable teacher. Thinking about it, we here at Sing Well intend to always indicate what we have already tested and can guarantee that it is the best, based on our experience. Many people come to us daily to ask what material we indicate and the answer is the Pilares do Canto Course by vocalist Márcio Markkx. It is a complete course that goes from zero to super advanced, giving you all the base and musical / scientific knowledge of your voice so that you become a great singer and even a singing teacher. There are some open positions for this training, click on this link and enjoy to be part of this select group. I’m there!

Your turn

So, did you enjoy your breathing exercises? What did you think of the course we indicated above, very good, is not it? You can also find other singing exercises in the next menu. If you still have any questions or criticisms, please comment below. We want to continue to help you. A hug!


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