• vocal technique

    Vocal Technique to improve your singing skill

    It seems that today we are witnessing the recovery of interest in the problems of voice and Vocal Technique education. One discovers, or rather, rediscovers, the importance of vocal function in the personality structure. Discovering one’s own voice is sometimes synonymous with finding one’s own psychological balance. However, it is at the voice level that […] More

  • stan lee dead

    Stan Lee Dead : Real Life super hero.

    Stan Lee was the creator of many superhero comics, and one of the most influential people in contemporary pop culture He died Stan Lee, creator of many superhero comics and former publisher of Marvel, who had made the most famous comic book publishing house in the world and one of the largest companies in the […] More

  • Spice girl

    Victoria Beckham Speaks Out on Spice Girls Meeting

    Victoria Beckham Speaks Out on Spice Girls Meeting British pop band Spice Girls joked on Wednesday about plans for a new album after announcing they will reunite for a UK tour but said it would be strange not to have the ” Posh Spice “Victoria Beckham. Victoria Beckham wellknowns as David Beckham’s wife will miss […] More

  • Shakira

    The best moments of Shakira’s concert in Bogotá

    7 years ago the Barranquilla did not get on a platform in the capital. Although some attendees complained about the organization and the sound, Shakira gave a great show worth remembering. The day that hundreds of Colombians were waiting finally arrived. After seven years of absence, the Colombian singer returned to a platform of the […] More

  • spotify famouse singer

    Who is the Most Famous Singers in Spotify 2018

    Do you use Spotify to listen to music on your computer or smartphone? Do you know which are the most popular song names these days? Find out in this list which are the 20 most famous singers in Spotify! 10. Taylor Swift The first name in the Top 10 list of most famous singers on […] More

  • Piano Lessons for beginner

    Piano Lesson for beginners : Starting with Online Course

    Want to learn to play the piano without leaving home? See where to find piano lessons online! Are you looking for online keyboard course? If this is your case, know that you can learn virtually any instrument anyway on the internet! You are curious? So keep reading the text we have prepared for you! Learning […] More

  • vocal techniques

    3 Elements of Vocal Technique You need to Know.

    One of the most recurring problems I notice in vocal students is over-concern with the “controllable” elements of the voice. It may seem strange, but generally the more effort we make to sing, the less we let the right exercises work in favor of our voice. For a while (and this was for a little […] More

  • 5 step How to play guitar

    5 Easy Step to Learn How to Play Guitar in 1 Week !!!

    I see that you have finally taken the initial step and decided that today you will learn how to play guitar … Learning how to play guitar is an incredible experience. When you know how to play guitar, you will find that having a guitar is the same as having a good old friend around. […] More

  • Singing Lessons Tips

    Is Singing Lesson Can Develope Your Singing Skills ?

    To take or not to take singing lessons that is the question. This is a key subject that many aspiring singers find themselves asking. After watching dreadful audition after dreadful audition on American Idol and hearing each contestant end with “but I have taken singing lessons”, one may naturally develop some reservations about the validity of […] More

  • Singing online

    Are You Looking for The Best Singing Lessons?

    If you enjoy singing and think it may be a path you could truly excel in, or if you just want to continue developing your voice for fun taking singing lessons may be the best tool to get to your goal. You can generally find vocal coaches in your area in almost every part of […] More

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