• prs-model-2019

    PRS Guitars, First Models for 2019

    PRS Guitars has unveiled some of the models that will be part of the 2019 catalog, with highlights for a new version of Paul’s Guitar, Paul Reed Smith’s signature model. PRS Guitars anticipates its presence in Winter NAMM 2019 and has already presented several of the products that will be part of its catalog for […] More

  • how to teach music for children

    How to teach music in early children education?

    The definition and teaching of music in early childhood education goes through musical activities that offer innumerable opportunities for the child to enhance his motor skills, learn to control his muscles and move with ease. Thus, music in early childhood education can be a teaching method to aid in the development of children. We have […] More

  • in

    Piano Story : Meet The Pleyel in Sao Paulo

    Five months agoI left home to play the first piano of this blog. Since then I began to understand that this musical search would be a dip in the great sea of ​​things that is São Paulo. I think I still sail through clear waters and wait anxiously for the fucking waters of this deep […] More

  • Learn how to makr score music

    Learning about Scores: Guidelines for your learning!

    Scores, common among musicians, transcribe the melody and rhythm of the music, just as words form phrases, the notes are forming the sonority. Working as a guide for musicians, not only are theyrecorded in the work, but its three fundamental elements: Harmony, Melody and Rhythm. Being organized in these three elements, the music is played […] More

  • world music

    Learn a little about the history of World Music Day

    The World Music Day came about through UNESCO in 1975, at the initiative of the International Music Council – a nongovernmental organization that aims to promote peace and friendship among peoples with the help of music. Since October 1, 2010 is considered World Music Day. Objectives of World Music Day:     – Promote musical art […] More

  • top 10 valuable guitar

    10 Guitars with Best Valuable in 2019

    Whetheryou are starting to play the guitar or just want to save money, Singerdemy.com listed 10 guitars of various models and brands with the best value for money at the time of purchase. Of course a guitar with a lower value will hardly achieve the sound quality of a Fender or Gibson, but you can […] More

  • Microphone

    How Difference between Dynamic Microphones and Condensers!

    General characteristics and the presentation of the models with their specificfunctions and environments where they operate, were also highlights of our pastsubject. At first, it is important to first understand that everyone works with similarcharacteristics. Category of pickup, frequency response, sensitivity andregulation of decibels according to particularities. But they are unique in theneeds where they […] More

  • Neumann TLM-102 Reviews

    Neumann TLM-102 The Best Studio Condenser Microphone

    Neumann TLM-102 : Extremely compact-looking microphone that unites all the components of the typical design of a Neumann microphone Description The reduced size of this microphone contributes to an extremely compact appearance and unites all components of the design typical of a Neumann microphone. The harmonious proportions and gleaming ring of the grille ensure that, […] More

  • vocal technique

    Vocal Technique to improve your singing skill

    It seems that today we are witnessing the recovery of interest in the problems of voice and Vocal Technique education. One discovers, or rather, rediscovers, the importance of vocal function in the personality structure. Discovering one’s own voice is sometimes synonymous with finding one’s own psychological balance. However, it is at the voice level that […] More

  • stan lee dead

    Stan Lee Dead : Real Life super hero.

    Stan Lee was the creator of many superhero comics, and one of the most influential people in contemporary pop culture He died Stan Lee, creator of many superhero comics and former publisher of Marvel, who had made the most famous comic book publishing house in the world and one of the largest companies in the […] More

  • Spice girl

    Victoria Beckham Speaks Out on Spice Girls Meeting

    Victoria Beckham Speaks Out on Spice Girls Meeting British pop band Spice Girls joked on Wednesday about plans for a new album after announcing they will reunite for a UK tour but said it would be strange not to have the ” Posh Spice “Victoria Beckham. Victoria Beckham wellknowns as David Beckham’s wife will miss […] More

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