How to Start Singing for beginners ?

how to start singing for beginner

I have received many messages from people who are thinking of starting to learn how to sing but do not know what to do before investing in a voice class. Generally these people are afraid of not liking what they are going to study or even of not getting used to the rhythm of the classes.

If you are one of these people, I will help you now to at least have a basic notion of how to start training your ear and your voice so you can make the decision to move on or not.

Important Notice: It is a path with no return! Careful (laughs)

What is the Basics of Singing Basics?

One of the first things you will learn after vocal warm-ups is the basic concept of tuning so that the teacher can know what your type of voice is and how it will work.

A few people already have a natural tuning but for others it will be necessary to dedicate some classes to the application of vocalizes.

The vocalizes are basically exercises that train your ear and the control of your vocal folds and the vocal apparatus so that they accompany this musical perception

I’ll simplify, the vocalizes make you sing with your voice, what you imagine in your head. They also teach you how to sing in tune and in the correct tone of the song, in harmony with the instruments and other singers.

We call this the pitch of the voice.

Breathing Exercises

The basis for voice broadcasting is in the way you capture and how you emit air, in other words it is in the way you breathe.

The emission of air must have a minimum stability and stability so you do not look like a kid when you sing and for this we need to strengthen a muscle that is not used properly by those who do not sing the diaphragm.

Through Breathing Exercises you may after a few weeks notice that your voice comes out more easily and you can have better control of your breathing. After a while you will realize that the instability of your voice no longer exists.

Both exercises should be done daily. You will notice your ear better and consequently will sing better.

During the text, I’ve linked some well-related song articles to each subject, just click to know how to do breathing and tuning exercises.

I advise you to start studying, through an online or face-to-face class. Join our list of VIP tips and receive lots of quality information first hand.

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