6 techniques to learn to sing well

6 techniques to sing well

Not everyone is born singing, as it is possible to see some children on the internet. But no one needs to feel “smaller” because of it. Although singing is a gift, everyone can learn to sing well.

That’s because, even if you do not get the Grammy for music because of its natural talent, some techniques and cares with the voice can educate how to project the sound of your vocal folds so that it is – at least – tolerable to living beings.

So if you are a complete negation of the musical “branch” and have always dreamed of singing using a microphone, do not give up! We, from Unknown Facts, have brought in some super useful techniques that can help you in this endeavor.

Check out the list below and learn how to sing (at least tolerably) in six steps:

1. Do not imitate anyone

Nothing to try to imitate your favorite singer! To sing well people need to find their own style. This is because, in trying to follow the tone of another person, you end up forcing your voice and compromising the interpretation.

2. Find your tone

There is no certain universal tone. Each person has his own and finding him means being able to leave his voice firm and comfortable. In general, there are 3 possibilities: low, medium and high. If your voice is serious, your singing may look better in a low or medium tone, for example. In that case, if the will to find out what your ideal tone, advice is to consult a singing teacher.

3. Learn to breathe

No singing to choke or chopping words in the middle to pull the air. Abdominal breathing is ideal for singing because it allows you to use all lung capacity. But of course, to do this effortlessly requires training: inhale and bring the air to the abdomen for 3 seconds, then blow the bladder, contracting the abdomen until all the air is released.

4. Good posture is essential

It seems silly, but the truth is that poor posture can block the movement of the diaphragm (in the abdominal region) and make it difficult to breathe. To avoid such problems, straighten your torso and let your shoulders relax. To help, leave your feet slightly apart for balance; and avoid putting all your weight on one leg.

5. Prepare the voice

Feeding can greatly influence the use of voice potential. Avoid eating dairy products, for example, that alter the pH of saliva and make it more viscous. Sugars are also bad because they stimulate the production of mucus.

In addition, another necessary care is the “heating” of the voice, which functions as the stretching of the body, at the time of physical exercise. To do this, try to imitate the sounds of a machine gun (trrrrrrrrrrrr) for up to 15 minutes. This will prevent lump in the vocal cords and other aggressions.

6. Articulate the words well

You have to open your mouth well during the time you are singing, drawing the “syllables” of each word, especially in the case of vowels. This gives strength to the interpretation and helps people understand what you are saying during the song. Exercises like popping the tongue or vibrating the lips (doing “brrrr”) help and relax the muscles of the mouth.

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