5 Golden Tips To Sing Very Well

5 Tips To Sing Very Well

First Hint For You Sing Well: Record Yourself Singing

This is the first gold tip for you to sing better, remember that these tips are not usually mentioned in singing lessons, and we only find out after a few years of experience!

So for you to save a few years, believe me, these five tips can make you evolve in six months which would take more than five years to discover, follows the first gold tip:

Record your voice whenever you sing, get into the habit of listening to recordings, singers who listen to recordings evolve much faster, notice the difference of the first CD of your favorite singer, it is very likely that some CDs later he is singing much better !

If possible shoot, as you improve your vocal performance, your body performance will evolve together, and you will gain more and more confidence!

This is one of the best ways to evolve in the corner, but not everyone has the financial conditions to always go to a recording studio, so we leave the suggestion to you that takes the PC way, to set up your own mini studio at home with a low cost.

Even though you may not be able to invest in this kind of sophisticated equipment, (I know that not everyone has the time and willingness to study the operation and invest in programs).

The best idea I can give you is to use a digital camera, you can shoot yourself singing and then watch it countless times, I think using the camera for this is better than taking pictures in front of the mirror! (laughs)

If you have money, you can look for a studio closer and make demo recordings, no matter which way you’re going to record, the important thing is to listen to yourself countless times and gradually correct everything that you think is not sounding right!

And by the way, have an article on my first home recordings, take a look:

:: How I Started to Record ::

Tip 02 To Sing Very Well – Understand what level you are on and listen to only singers who consider you better!

This is very important, but to understand what level of skill you are in, it is important that you listen to your own recorded voice, as we saw in the first tip!

Listening to singers that sing equally or on a level lower than yours can make you park in one stage and never get out of the same level of knowledge! So what’s the catch, who are your favorite singers?

Do you listen to songs that are easy to sing, why do you feel that it is more comfortable to sing like that? So you are not challenging yourself to improve!

I’ll leave some examples of singers I like and maybe you identify with some of them! I wrote a post about this a while back, take a look there:

:: You are what you listen to! ::

You probably already had the impression that you could not sing some songs and felt that your voice could not reach the higher or lower notes, that is why this song is out of your vocal extension!

What? Do not you know what that is?

Need to learn urgently! So our third tip is this, do not force your vocal folds, (yes, folds and not strings, that’s the right way to talk)

Then follow

Tip 03 How To Sing Very Well – Do not abuse your vocal extension if you really want to sing better!

There are people who try to sing everything they hear from the front! This song is beautiful so I will rehearse to sing! Hang on! That’s not quite the way it works.

First you have to do some tests and know if you can reach the most serious and acute parts of the song!

Then find out what your vocal extension is, as far as you stand singing! Never force yourself!

If you sing with live instruments, then ask to lower or raise the pitch according to your need, if you sing with play-back and you are feeling that you do not reach then change the music, this will save you from passing a tremendous shame, OK?

Maybe you’ve already felt like the worst singer in the world, because your favorite singer reaches that sharp one and you can not, then you kill yourself to try to reach, stop it! Each person has its extension and its limit, the voice is totally unique!

Check out singers with different vocal extensions here:

:: For You Sing Better ::

When you choose a song, pass along the same song a million times! To sing well there is a fundamental element that is security!

You must be absolutely sure of what you are doing, decorate the lyrics and melody of the song, study what moments you can breathe, and study in what moments you can do an improvisation, which improvisation improves in certain parts, how many improvisations you can fit in at certain times, or even if that moment gets better without any impromptu! This brings us to the fourth tip:

Tip 4 For Burst Singing: Rehearse often same song!

There are people who rehearse a song, two or three times and they go out singing! This may be detrimental to your performance because you have not set your singing well. This is for beginners as well as for you who are already professional!

But how do I know it’s already good?

Remember what I said about recording your presentations? Give a reminder of the previous gold tips.

everything I’m saying here should be done, taking into account the first tips, okay?

Recording yourself and listening to your performance is a way to find out if it’s already good!

Another way to find out if you’re sure is to sing the song thinking about something else, if you can already sing an entire song thinking about another subject, or even watching television, for example, that’s a good sign!

I speak of this from my own experience, for I have often sung sound, and there are many people who sing by playing an instrument, that is to say, they are quite sure of what they are doing!

So that’s tip number 4, and that’s the kind of thing that you discover with experience, believe me, you’re sparing years of experience with these shortcuts I’m giving you, even if you’re already an experienced singer, if you follow these tips , will sing better yet!

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The Fifth Tip To Sing Very Well: Be Presentable!

This has everything to do with the last tip, remember? I talked a lot about security, being sure of what you do is 50% of your presentation guaranteed! That’s why I told you about rehearsing a lot.

One of the factors that greatly influences your safety when it comes to singing is your personal presentation, you should wear clothes according to the event!

Would you sing at a wedding, wearing a shabby jeans? Do you understand where I want to go?

If you are using something that will make you comfortable this will guarantee a good part of your safety, it is no use to rehearse and follow all the previous tips if you are not feeling well in the environment in which it presents itself, I know that this a little subject of vocal techniques, but if you follow this last tip along with the others, you are one step away from becoming a better singer!

I know that many good singers access this blog looking for tips and information, and these five tips are for all levels of singer, after all who said that it is already good? If you always think about improving, each song will be better than the previous one, you will always be outdoing yourself!

Bonus Tip For You To Sing Very Well:

Invest in a good singing class, I know it’s complicated to find a good singing teacher in some cities, so if you have difficulty, I suggest a singing lesson online and you can believe it works very well!

The singing class will make you understand the techniques and sing very well and more easily, even if you think that it is already very good singing, there is always improvement, I indicate this online singing lesson for you, go here.

See you soon, a big hug!

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