5 Easy Step to Learn How to Play Guitar in 1 Week !!!

5 step How to play guitar

I see that you have finally taken the initial step and decided that today you will learn how to play guitar …

Learning how to play guitar is an incredible experience. When you know how to play guitar, you will find that having a guitar is the same as having a good old friend around.

First I want to tell you that you made a good choice, because the guitar is one of the most fabulous and popular instruments in the world.This post will show you how to play guitar

With it you can have lots of fun and make a good sound quickly. You can even play your favorite song in just a few days (we’ll see it later).

Well, let’s get down to business …

Where do I start?

Before you begin, I’ll give you 5 initial concepts that everyone who wants to learn to play real guitar has to know.

How to play Guitar in 5 step :

1 # – Learning the parts:

It is very important that you know the name of the main parts of your instrument before learning anything else. I’ll show you the 3 most important parts for now:

Tongs: Used to loosen or tighten the strings in order to change the tone of each. Basically they are used to tune the guitar.

The arm: This is the longest part of the guitar. It is in her that we will find the frets, that are metallic divisions that separate the whole arm of the guitar in different houses.

Body: This is where you find an opening that is very important for projecting the guitar sound, because it balances the bass and treble of the instrument.

how to play guitar
# 2 – Holding the guitar

To hold the guitar correctly, sit straight in the chair and place the body of the guitar over your right leg. The body of the guitar has to be embedded in your leg.

Now rest your right arm over the larger fold of the guitar’s body so that your forearm can move around easily. See the demonstration below.

Caution: The guitar must be straight, not lying down. This is a common mistake most beginners make.

Left Hand to play guitar

# 3 – Position of your left hand.

To make it simpler, make a “C” with your left hand and attach it to the guitar arm. The thumb will be behind the arm as high as possible, keeping the rest of the fingers as curved as possible on the guitar’s arm. See the image below for you to understand:

# 4 – How to tune your guitar?

I’ll have to admit: it’s not easy for a beginner to tune a guitar. I preferred to leave it aside for now, so as not to disturb his learning.

Learning to tune is something that takes time. If you do not tune in the right way, you will break the strings of your guitar and you do not want that to happen, right?

We have an article on this subject, you can even access it, but I do not recommend you to see it for now.

Your goal now is to know how you will learn to play the guitar.

So let’s move on …

# 5 – What is the difference between notes and chords?

I bet you must have heard someone say, “Do,Re,Me,Fa,Sol,La,Tee.” Yes, each one is a musical note.

Each string of the guitar corresponds to some of these musical notes. When we play several strings together at the same time, we have a chord.

So a chord is a sound made up of several musical notes played simultaneously.

If you do not understand, do not worry, this will become clear during our course.
Now you are ready to continue.

If you want to learn to play real guitar, the most important thing you need to get started is an action plan, a roadmap of what to do.

This plan should be a simple list that will guide you through this process.

I put in this list the first 3 basic steps that any beginner should follow to learn how to play guitar.

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