3 Guitar tricks to play faster

guitar tricks

To begin with, it’s good to make it clear that playing fast Guitar tricks depends a lot on developing a good technique. There are many guitarists who end up just running the same mistakes but at a better speed. So if you want to play faster, first invest in having a well-established technique, knowing the right mechanics to perform each lick.

Another relevant point is that these are “tricks” that we know can help a lot of people, but they are not miraculous either. They will speed up the process of gaining speed, but only if you follow your study with discipline.

That said, let’s get down to guitar tricks

1. Warm-up

The truth of guitar tricks is that you have no choice about doing or not warm-up, but whether you will do structured warm-up or not. If you do not set aside a specific warm-up time, the first song or exercise you play will be the warm-up itself, which is not always the most efficient way to do it. Keep in mind that your muscles will never be at peak performance when you pick up the guitar to play, it takes a while before you can use them to their fullest potential. And you do not always realize this because you end up compensating by using more effort from your muscles. The result of this is that the tension and the lack of flexibility end up decreasing its speed greatly. So doing a few minutes of warm-up is so important: your muscles will be relaxed and flexible enough for you to play without too much stress, stress and fatigue. And it does not take that long, 10 minutes of warm-up and you’re ready to use your muscles at full power.

3 Guitar tricks to play faster

2. Rest

Here the comparison is simple. You should think of your workout as a bodybuilder: rest is one of the most important parts for muscle development. Put intermittent moments of rest throughout your workout, for example, touch for 3 minutes, rest 30 seconds. Repeat. You will find that it will magically be playing faster on the next replay and so on. Remember: it is not practice that leads to perfection. It is the correct practice that leads to perfection. No use playing for 3 hours without stopping, if you gave no time for the muscles to rest. And not just efficiency gains we’re talking about. They are also losses, often irreversible, caused by training without breaks. Try not to exceed your limits, rest whenever possible and maintain a healthy study routine. An abusive workout can be very detrimental to your progress and may even lead you away from the instrument.

3.Adjust your instrument to work for you,not against you.

A well regulated guitar helps you in a way you can not even imagine. If the string action of your guitar is too high, you will never play to its full potential. Same thing if the gauge of the strings you’re wearing is too thick. Even though it seems difficult in the beginning, you can learn to regulate your guitar alone, there are several tutorials online about it. However, if you do not have as much skill, patience, or if your guitar needs special care, do not hesitate to take it to a luthier. The investment in bringing your guitar into a good professional is something that is always worth it.

Summing up for guitar tricks

While speed is very important for you to achieve certain goals on the guitar, do not make it your only goal. Playing well is not just playing fast, there are many other things as, or more important than speed. And repeating, for it is never too much: it is not the practice that leads to perfection. It is the correct practice that leads to perfection.

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