10 Magic Vocal Lessons From Bruno Mars


Music is an almost infinite desert where there is no truth. Every person is a world and as they say, about tastes there is nothing written. To all this, there is evidence that we can not underestimate and one of them is the unquestionable artistic quality of which for many it is the most complete artist of the world, Bruno Mars.

Bruno-Mars vocal lesson

10 Magic Vocal Lessons From Bruno Mars

I’ve been following this artist for years and it’s time to take the magic lessons I learned from Bruno Mars.

1.- High capacity to connect with the general public

And I’m talking about his personality, the one that shows the public and much of his own in his real life. Bruno Mars looks good, he transmits “good vibes” and he does it with an imperative naturalness. A virtue that carries in his DNA and that makes him create “ties” with his community with an insulting strength.

The person who discovers him, presumes that he is cultivating “gold seeds” all over the world that in the medium term will become authentic evangelists of his product, what better publicity than that of an acquaintance …

2.- Overwhelming image

It’s not Ricky Martin but his image represents that of many fans who have him as an icon. His simple but exemplary style makes him a unique artist and admired by the vast majority but he does not like to be measured by this aspect and yes for his ability to thrill through his compositions.

3.- Its unquestionable ability to compose different works

He has created his own style. Bruno Mars’s songs have become universal because they have a high quality in all aspects and here the artist has a lot of fault. His compositions excite and transmit positive energy when it comes to a more rhythmic theme.

4.- Versatility on stage

Bruno Mars not only demonstrates his ability as an artist singing and composing. In his live, I have seen how he has played the guitar, drums and piano at a not inconsiderable level. This offers credibility to the artist and increases the degree of connection with his audience as well as greatly enriching the show live.

5.- It is unpredictable

You know that I always emphasize the need to surprise when no one expects it. Bruno does it often; whether on a TV show or at their own concerts. His simple but overwhelming personality, makes him a desired figure and a priority for American media and the world in general. In their concerts they always happen “unexpected things” and that likes.


6.- Look after your alliances

We are facing one of the great ones in the world and you can imagine the one of requests of collaboration that will have. This artist measures very well who should ally for [pullquote] I do not make music to get prizes, I make music for whoever wants to listen [/ pullquote] does not “burn” their image and their collaborations are measured. The last one was with Mark Robson and the song “Uptown Funk“, number one in almost all the world, much fault of it, thanks to the contribution of Bruno. Ah !! the video has almost 500 million reproductions, what barbarity !.

Only with the billing for the advertising inserted in your videos on YouTube could we live a few years without work. It is important that you know how to manage and share the possibilities offered by Youtube.

7.- Concerts with high emotional intensity

Their direct are as fun as emotional. It sweeps positive energy into every interpreted song but also thrills a “stone statue”. This factor is essential for a high percentage of people who have paid to see you, want to repeat.

To this must be added his perfection when interpreting the songs, without tune and very well clothed with a band that plays in the same league.

8.- Give your site to the musicians

I have not seen an artist to get more out of his band than Bruno Mars. The musicians not only dedicate themselves to playing but they are a priority part of the show with choreography and movements that increase the degree of connection with the public.

9.- Fill the stage

An important test for any artist is if facing only their audience in a broad stage is able to “fill it”. Do you come to the head artists who have achieved ?. In almost every concert of pop music, the artist stays at some time alone on stage and plays a theme to voice and guitar or piano, let’s say it is the most intimate part of the show.

This Hawaiian aspect dominates him brazenly.

10.- It is a reference in social networks

Bruno Mars Magic Lessons

It uses social networks to show that more human part and thus break the insurmountable barriers between an artist of this size and his audience. In Instagram hangs pictures of his dog, in his room, etc …. Something that not all great artists do.

Best of all, he always talks first-person and does not give the impression that his personal accounts are managed by third parties.

Not long ago I published a post where I told you some solutions for Instagram if you are an artist.

After these magical lessons of Bruno Mars, I leave you with some curious facts that make him even bigger:

  • Being very young decided to begin the adventure moving to Los Angeles. His sister was in charge of managing the first important contacts.
  • He was once asked how he kept fit. Her response was “I take a big spoon, I put it in a bowl of ice cream and I fill my mouth with it.”
  • It was the tenth man to appear on the cover of Playboy.
  • Despite his unquestionable “hits” worldwide he has come to recognize that he has written many bad songs. It makes him more human.
  • One of his “hidden passions” is to puncture dj.
  • His stage debut was not as a singer, but as an actor in the movie “Honeymoon” where he played Elvis Presley in 1992.



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